Studio Diary Part 5 – Rhythm guitars (2)

watch Thorben shred some thrashing Riffs for ALBUM NO.3 in this new diary:

Studio Diary Part 4: Rhythm guitars!


after a break of two weeks Rezet continued the recordings of their next album and will finish the tracking this month!

Here’s the new studio diary, we hope you enjoy Ricky playing some riffs that will make it on the next full length…

Rezet to support Greek Thrashers “Suicidal Angels”

The next show will once again take place in Billstedt/Hamburg at the “Bambi Galore”.

Rezet will support Greek thrashers “Suicidal Angels” at their show in Hamburg, together with long time friends “Total Violence”. Northern Germany bangers, come down next Wednesday to join our Metal Rite…

“Studio Diary Part 3″ uploaded now!

Studio Diary Part 3 is up!

As you know we decided to put our “Dead City” – cover on our next album, so we invited original “Violent Force” singer/bass player Lemmy once again to visit us to feature him on our record…

Enjoy and Metal on!!

“Studio Diary Part 2″ online!


“Studio Diary Part 2″ has been uploaded.

Witness some drum recordings and watch the band play video games…