Next show: supporting Toxic Holocaust and Exhumed!

Rezetbangers, our next show is on Monday, March 24th @ “Hafenklang” in Hamburg.

Rezet is going to support new wave of thrash heroes “Toxic Holocaust” and Death Metal legends “Exhumed”!

See ya’ll at the show…

Rezet / Violent Force @ “Headbangers Open Air”

Alright ladies and gents, we’re gonna perform the whole “Violent Force” album “MAOT” together with original singer/bass player Lemmy!

This will be something very special and exclusive, the first time that these songs will be perfomed since the late 80′s!
It’s a real honor for us to act as Lemmy’s band!

See you there to make this garden burn…

Pre-Production has begun!

The pre-production for Rezet’s upcoming third album has begun!

We’re super excited and will report the recording process step by step!

Stay tuned…

“Let me introduce this night…”

… or better: let me introduce this year!

We’ve wished you a great new year on new year’s eve via our official facebook page and I want to do it personally, here, on REZET’s main page, again! May all your plans go in the right direction, 2014 has to be damn killer!

I’m really excited and optimistic about this new year, of course not about our wrong going world – or better: society – but about the plans for REZET. Me and our manager are now in search of a label for our future, I know we’ll find the right one soon!

All songs for our upcoming album have been written yet. I tell you one thing: this is by far the best material we’ve ever written. Promised. This will be the most intense and straight-forward REZET recording until now. Our producer is now on tour with “Royal Republic” and will come back next month. Then we’re gonna start the pre-production for “ALBUM NO. 3″, damn right!!

Two songs that will be featured on the next album are already uploaded as demo versions on our official Youtube account: RezetOfficial, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet! The songs are typical Rezet, which means that no song will sound like another one. It will be Speed/Thrash Metal, in your face and our lyrics are about themes you surely won’t get from your television.

We’re gonna support Toxic Holocaust and Exhumed in March and we’re gonna do a short tour with two rather unknown bands from Germany in April, this will be fun!

We’ll see what happens when the right label decides to work on with us and releases “ALBUM NO. 3″. One thing is for sure: The quest has just begun…

Ricky / REZET

“European Nightmares Pt.2″ tour video online!

We’ve now uploaded a tour video of Rezet’s “European Nightmares Part 2″ trip in July 2013. The band was playing Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. The video contains some live and backstage footage of that tour, enjoy and crank it up!