Rezet to support M:PIRE OF EVIL during Russia Tour!

Rezet are going to tour Russia for the first time ever, this March!

The band feels honoured to open for M:PIRE OF EVIL (ex-Venom!!) for two weeks. Lay down your souls to the gods’ rock ‘n’ roll…

Russian Rezetbangers, see ya’ll on tour this March!

Mpire-Rezet Tour Flyer demo

Producer legend Harris Johns to master Rezet’s new album!

Album NO. 3 is mastered (post-mix) by a true legend this time: HARRIS JOHNS

Rezet chose him because of his connection to Speed- and Thrash Metal since its beginning, the early 80′s. Besides that, Harris worked with tons of legends in the past: Helloween, Sepultura, Sodom, Tankard, Kreator, Voivod, Gravedigger, Therion, Slime, Ideal, Einstürzende Neubauten, and more…

We feel honoured to have him on board!


“Let me introduce this year…”

we’d like to thank you all for your support in 2014!
We’ve played a lot of cool shows while you banged and thrashed, sang along and made us feel that Metal music with meaning is still needed in our plastic times… thank you!
Extra thanks go out to our crew (at home and on the road) and especially to our producer Patrick Bieler.
Rezet’s third album is soon mixed and mastered (by someone you all know!) and the search of a worthy label is still going on.

2015 could be the best year we’ve ever had: our new (and surely best) album, new record label (stay tuned!) and a planned (almost) worldwide tour will follow!
Once again, thank you for the first decade of Rezet and see ya’ll in 2015…


X-MAS Merch Packages available now!

for X-MAS / Lemmy Kilmister’s birthday we’ve come up with new merchandise for you!

These new packages include brand new shirts (incl. european tourdates on the back!), posters of our 10th anniversary show, our last album “Civic Nightmares”, stickers, a biography card and REZET drum sticks + guitar picks…

order them at !!


10th anniversary: updated flyer online!


This is the new updated flyer of our 10th anniversary concert on December 13th.
We hope to see as many friends as possible during this night, Rezet will play a very unique show, plus support by a bunch of very cool bands!
Entry: pay as much as you want, ’cause it’s christmas time then……