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Alright Rezetbangers,
it's our turn to wish you all a great new year, may 2017 be the best one all of us ever had, alright?!
But first let's look back at this year that is almost over now:
2016 was beyond real for us as a band...
"Reality Is A Lie" was released world wide thru Denmark’s prime metal label Mighty Music (Target Group) in May and the release launched our idea of a new start, the ultimative "reset"!
We introduced a new logo, advanced our sound, got a perfect fitting management and publishing partner and were just about to head for bigger goals when original founding member and Lead Guitarist Thorben Schulz decided to leave the group after more than ten years of Speed Metal madness. Other bands despair of this misery, REZET revived with a surprising force: Lucas took over the six strings assault while former Roadie Bjarne moved up to be our new Bass guitar player. Now stronger and tighter than ever before, we went on to tour excessively again: we played many European countries and in October/November we wrapped up a 6+ week long pan-European tour as special guests for Canadian metal icons ANVIL!
The day we got home we opened our mail accounts and found out about the chance to tour with one of our biggest influences ever, DESTRUCTION, in early 2017. We knew it should happen!
So thank you all out there. For staying so loyal and supporting us in the good and in the bad days. You guys rule! And let us also send prayers to the ones that had to go through a lot of miserable stuff in this year. Nobody can deny that our world is in a very extreme state now, let's try to make it a better place in 2017, ok? Maybe we can't change the system, but we can show them to be a good human race as brothers and sisters hand in hand, all around the globe.
Love and respect.
- Ricky, Bastian, Lucas and Bjarne.


Heavy XMAS Rezetbangers!!


Merchland came up with class XMAS Packages!

For the undoubtly best fans in the world, have some killer holidays with your loved ones!


Booking inquiries for 2017:
See you in the pit!


Some last impressions of REZET's European Tour together with Canada's Metal icons Anvil!


REZET to tour with Destruction soon!

After their first successful touring leg in autumn 2016, legendary German thrashers, DESTRUCTION, return to the stage with the second part of their »Europe Under Attack 2017« tour in January and February.
As support act they do not only bring the Brazilian thrash institution NERVOSA with them, but also GONOREAS from Switzerland as well as the German shredhopes REZET.
Find all current dates for this inferno below!

Fronter Schmier comments:
"We will give two great rising talents the chance to open the show and prove their skills: GONOREAS are already a well-known metal act in their home country of Switzerland.
The powerhouse features Damir Eskic, a former guitar student of Tommy Vetterli (Coroner) and also the #1 shredder in Helvetica - he also played on the last DESTRUCTION album.
It's now time for them to rule over Europe with us! REZET from Germany are a tight American influenced Thrash band with lots of killer riffs, they have been tearing up the underground for a while now and are an ideal fit on a DESTRUCTION tour.
Our fans will dig their material I’m very sure!"

»Europe Under Attack 2017«
w/ NERVOSA + GONOREAS (* only) + REZET (** only)
11.01. D Freiburg - Crash *
12.01. D Osnabrueck - Bastard Club *
13.01. D Berlin - Slaughterhouse (Rotten And Poor Stage Kill) *
14.01. S Stockholm – En Arena
15.01. S Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers *
17.01. FIN Tampere Klubi *
18.01. FIN Helsinki - Tavastia *
19.01. EST Tallinn - Rockclub Tapper *
20.01. LV Riga - Melna Piektdiena *
21.01. PL Gdansk - B90 *
22.01. PL Warsaw - Progresja *
23.01. PL Poznan - U Bazyla *
24.01. PL Katowice - Mega Club *
25.01. A Vienna - Viper Room * + **
26.01. SK Kosice - Colosseum **
27.01. D Leipzig - Hellraiser **
28.01. D Wolfsburg - Kulturzentrum Hallenbad (Break Your Neck)
29.01. SK Nitra - Frankie Rock Club **
30.01. H Budapest - Dürer Kert **
31.01. RO Bucharest - Club Fabrica **
01.02. BG Sofia - Mixtape 5 **
03.02. I Foggia – Karisma Hall **
04.02. I Rome – Orion Club **
05.02. I Florence – Cycle Club **
06.02. CH Solothurn - Kofmehl **"


REZET got asked to join the official VIP/Band "Anvil Metal Pounders" among the likes of Metallica, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Megadeth, Deep Purple and others... not that bad, huh?


Group shot after last show: REZET & ANVIL + Crew!

"We want to thank everybody involved in that 6-weeks-marathon of Heavy Metal: all the Fans, Promoters, Booking Agents, Managements and last but not least our new friends from Canada! Anvil rulez!
It meant the world to us, being special guest on a whole European Tour for one of the most original and timeless Bands of all time.
Without these guys Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and many more wouldn't exist like that, which means the same for REZET.
Thank you Lips, Robb, Chris, Dalila, Brother B, Bobby and Albert!
You prove that Metal is timeless and doesn't need any stupid clichees, no pretended bad boy-image but is what life should be about... That's why we fit together so perfectly!

Hope to hit the road together again, soon... your bro's in REZET"


German interview with Ricky and Bastian (attt!) before the show in Landgraaf, NL last Sunday.


REZET to headline "Toxic Waste Fest"

REZET will be headlining act of upcoming "Toxic Waste Fest" in March 2017. Be sure to check out that awesome billing featuring a lot of great bands! More information, presale etc at the following Facebook event page:


"Rezetbangers, fans, friends and followers:

We want to say "hi!" to all the great people we met during our "Speed Metal Assault West Coast Tour" in the US last year!
But at the same time we are happy we had the chance to go to this beautiful country before this election happened...

Politicians are marionettes, the ones that represent what "they" want us to see, hear, speak, feel etc.
In fact, it usually doesn't make any difference if you vote A or B, or even C, things will happen as they were planned.
But it is a difference to vote another corrupt marionette or someone that is all in all racist, sexist, violent and selfish.

Let us be everything good instead. And make this WORLD great again. We hope so."


Ricky chatting with Robb Reiner and taking a look at tonight's venue:


Day 9 of our Tour diary with ANVIL:
Ricky and Lips talking about Lemmy Kilmister and setting up in a 5th century church!


Tour diaries

REZET are currently touring Europe with Canadian Metal legends ANVIL!
Don't miss a single day by following the band's on Rezet's daily updated tour diary! You'll simply find access at the band's official YouTube channel.
First show tomorrow in Huddersfield UK!


- Thorben Schulz leaving REZET -

besides all the great stuff that is going on in our cosmos, there are still things happening that aren't easy to handle...
as some of you already knew, we wanted to wait for this confirmation until it felt right:
Our brother Thorben is leaving the band.

There never was and never will be bad blood between him and the rest of the band, but there are stages in life where you have to make decisions. Thorben made them.
As a touring band nothing is easy and nothing is free. Well some things are, you know what it takes.

As Bon Scott already sung:
"Gettin' robbed
Gettin' stoned
Gettin' beat up
Broken boned
Gettin' had
Gettin' took
I tell you folks
It's harder than it looks"

Lucas is now shredding the lead guitar and is giving over the bass to former roadie Bjarne.
We'll prove the new line-up's power on our upcoming tour with Canada's ANVIL. We will blow heads and melt faces, promised!

We wish Thorben just the best for the future, below is his personal statement about it:

"Dear Friends,

I have to inform you that as of today I will be no longer a part of REZET.
There's absolutely no bad blood, quite the contrary, we're still very good friends
and that won't change.

It has always been a pleasure for me playing shows and making music with the guys and
the band brought me to places I wouldn't have been to without music,
but now I realize that this journey needs to come to an end for me.

Leaving the band was definitely not an easy decision, I thought about it many times recently, but it's the best solution for the good of all,
since the band gets more and more show- and touring offers and I'm not up to that task anymore.
Everyone's gotta have the same goal and needs to cooperate, otherwise a band doesn't work the right way.

Even if it's difficult for me, I decided to leave the band in deference to these matters of fact.

I will not leave the music scene, nevertheless.

Thanks to all the fans and bands that I got to know and for the support over the years, and of course a huge THANK YOU for the great time to Ricky, attt and Lucas!
We'll meet again!

See you soon, Cheers!


Final Anvil Tour Announcement

Rezetbangers, the European tour supporting Canada's Metal legends ANVIL starts on Wednesday in the UK!
The package will perform shows in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and France.
See ya'll at the shows:

19.10.2016: UK-Huddersfield @ The Parish
20.10.2016: UK-London @ Academy
21.10.2016: UK-Manchester @ Rebellion
22.10.2016: UK-Edinburgh @ La Belle Angele
23.10.2016: UK-Cardiff @ The Globe
25.10.2016: UK-Gloucester @ Guild Hall
26.10.2016: UK-Doncaster @ Diamond Live Lounge
27.10.2016: UK-Grimsby @ Yardbirds Rock Club
28.10.2016: UK-Bristol @ The Bierkeller
29.10.2016: BEL-Roeselare @ De Verlichte Geest
30.10.2016: NED-Tilburg @ Little Devil
02.11.2016: NOR-Oslo @ Hard Rock Cafe
03.11.2016: NOR-Kristiansand @ Onkel Aksel
04.11.2016: NOR-Sandnes @ Tribute
05.11.2016: NOR-Fosser @ Oak Metal Club
06.11.2016: SWE-Stockholm @ Debaser Strand
07.11.2016: SWE-Gothenborg @ Musikens Hus
08.11.2016: DK-Kolding @ Godset
10.11.2016: NED-Amstelveen @ P 60
11.11.2016: D-Bochum @ Matrix
13.11.2016: NED-Landgraaf @ Oefenbunker
15.11.2016: F-Lyon @ Ninkasi Kao
16.11.2016: ITA-Prato @ Exenzia
17.11.2016: ITA-Rom @ Jailbreak
18.11.2016: ITA-Erba @ Centrale
19.11.2016: ITA-Padova @ Bullet
20.11.2016: ITA-Borgo Priolo @ Dagda
22.11.2016: D-Lindau @ Club Vaudeville
23.11.2016: D-Osnabrück @ Bastard Club
24.11.2016: D-Siegburg @ Kubana
25.11.2016: D-Lorsch @ Rex


Scream Bloody Metalfest - X

REZET are going to headline this year's edition of "Scream Bloody Metalfest - X" in Bremen.
Thrashers, be there at 19:00 CET @ the "Schlachtof" to get your guts kicked by four awesome acts...


Final Anvil Tour Flyer!

Here it is, the final tour flyer that will follow REZET on their tour supporting Canadian Metal legends ANVIL.
European Rezetbangers, be prepared and tell your friends...


"Have Gun, Will Travel" Vinyls for pre-ordering!

REZET's highly anticipated debut album "Have Gun, Will Travel" will be re-released by German cult label Aaarrg Records on October 7th!
Pre-order your limited copy of this furious thrash beast now at EMP:


REZET to headline "Thrash'n'Burn" Fest this Saturday!

REZET are going to perform as headline act on this year's edition of "Thrash'n'Burn" festival which will take place at the "JAZ" in Rostock, Germany.
The indoor event will feature three local supports and your mandatory dose of thrash as usual. German Rezetbangers, don't miss this!


Flyer for tour with ANVIL unveiled!

Rezetbangers, here is a first flyer featuring most of the dates REZET will share with Metal icons ANVIL later this year!
There will be more dates announced soon, so stay tuned if you miss a city nearby...


ANVIL tour poster unveiled!

Here's that tour poster that will follow REZET this fall from October until December!
A poster version with all dates is likely to follow shortly. Stay tuned!


Final tour flyer unveiled!

REZET + SUFFOCATION OF SOUL – Reality is a Lie European Tour 2016

Tour dates:
25/Aug Lübeck (GER) @ Dr. Rock
26/Aug Wolfsburg (GER) @ S.V. Jugendhaus Ost
27/Aug Utrecht (HOL) @ DB's
28/Aug Tilburg (HOL) @ Little Devil
30/Aug Antwerp (BEL) @ Antwerp Music City
01/Sep St. Etienne (FRA) @ Thunderbird Lodge
02/Sep Torino (ITA) @ Daevacian
03/Sep Milan (ITA) @ Blue Rose Saloon
04/Sep Florence (ITA) @ Circus Club
09/Sep Mladá Boleslav (CZ) @ Farářov asluj
10/Sep Dresden (GER) @ Heavy Duty

Booking/Info: duracell@roadmasterbooking


REZET to headline "Hot Rock On The Water" - Open Air! Tomorrow!

REZET will perform as main act on this year's "Hot Rock On The Water" - Open Air in Kiel, Northern Germany. FREE ENTRY! The event will take place at the "Bootshafen" and will also feature local support acts "Powerhead", "Dustrace" and "Ramrock". For more information check out the official facebook event at:

REZET Showtime 21:30 CET


"Reality Is A Lie" - Patches for sale!

Get yours to show some love for German Speed/Thrash Metal! Available with red or black outline at the band's official merch store:


REZET to headline "Thrash'n'Burn Fest 2016"

REZET will headline this year's edition of "Thrash'n'Burn Festival" in Rostock, Germany, on September 24th. Other bands on the bill are "Dead Age", "Fucking Hostile" and "Ambrace".


Aaarrg Records to re-release Have Gun, Will Travel on Vinyl

Germany's leading cult Speed/Thrash Metal label (next to "Noise") "Aaarrg Records" will re-release REZET's worldwide acclaimed debut record "Have Gun, Will Travel" on vinyl later this year. After re-releasing both "Have Gun..." as well as "Civic Nightmares" (Rezet's follow up album) on CD in October 2013, Aaarrg Records CEO and "Mekong Delta" bassist Ralf Hubert saw the band's potential and decided to release it on wax as well. The record is planned to be released in September/October of this year, so stay tuned Thrashers!


First tour dates announced!

Roadmaster Booking" is proud to announce REZET's upcoming European Tour from late August until mid September of 2016. The tour's aim is to promote REZET's current, 3rd full-length studio album ‘Reality is a Lie’, released by Mighty Music. As support, they will have the Brazilian outfit SUFFOCATION OF SOUL, touring in Europe for the first time ever.

Tour dates:
26/Aug Wolfsburg (GER) @ S.V. Jugendhaus Ost
27/Aug Utrecht (NL) @ DB's
28/Aug Tilburg (NL) @ Little Devil
30/Aug Antwerp (BEL) @ Antwerp Music City
01/Sep St. Etienne (FRA) @ Thunderbird Lodge
02/Sep Torino (ITA) @ TBA
07/Sep Ostrava (CZ) @ Plan B
08/Sep Prague (CZ) @ TBA

More dates to be announced soon.


REZET to headline "Hot Rock On The Water" - Open Air!

REZET will perform as main act on this year's "Hot Rock On The Water" - Open Air in Kiel, Northern Germany. FREE ENTRY! The event will take place at the "Bootshafen" and will also feature local support acts "Powerhead", "Dustrace" and "Ramrock". For more information check out the official facebook event at:


Live at "Don't Panic" in Essen this Saturday!

REZET will headline "Don't Panic" in Essen on this Saturday, July 2nd. Support bands are local Thrashers "Antagonist" and Rush-worshippers "Manifestic" with KREATOR's Ventor's son on drums! Ruhrpott Bangers, obey our Metal Rite!


REZET to tour European countries in August / September of this year!

It’s with great pride that Roadmaster Booking announces the upcoming European Tour of REZET in late August - mid September of this year. The band will tour their highly anticipated new album "Reality Is A Lie" and will be supported by one of Brazil's finest Thrash Metal acts: "Suffocation Of Soul". Get in touch with "Roadmaster" for booking inquieries and tour management at:


Reality Is A Lie - Japan Edition OUT NOW!

REZET's new album is out now as a special limited Japanese pressing on Bickee Music! This pressing contains three bonus live tracks, recorded during the band's 10th anniversary show on December 13th 2014. Get your copy at:


"Rezetbangers, here it is!

Our new, official Homepage is now online for every single one of you. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do! If you check out this new site carefully, you will stumble upon something different as well: our new merch shop. Rezet is now in best hands at Merchlandshop, next to heroes such as Overkill, Municipal Waste, Arch Enemy and more...

The long awaited third full length "Reality Is A Lie" is out now, as most of you already know! We can't wait to see your reactions on it, especially when performing these songs live in front of you... the press reviews were mainly amazing so far and we surely delivered the best material our fans could ask for!

Check out the brand new lyric video for the album's title track and see for yourself...

More news within the next days.

Take care, Rezet is a new force, stronger, tighter and louder than ever..."

- Ricky / REZET