Album release Feb 22, 2019!


Saturday 6th March 2021

Speicher Husum, Husum (Germany) - [Tickets]

Saturday 1st May 2021

Räucherei KIEL, Kiel (Germany) - [Tickets]

Friday 10th September 2021

Culture Palace Hamburg, Hamburg (Germany) - [Tickets]


"Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan! 91/100 points" – Metal to Infinity

"All horns up and bang that head that doesn't bang! 12/15 points!"" – Legacy

"Their songs should please every true Thrasher's appetite!" – Metal Hammer Germany

"The guys from northern Germany unchained a massive and well-made third album on the Metal scene!" – Metal Only

"Soon to be on the top of Thrash Metal! This reality is no lie! Thrash 'til death!" – Monkeycastle

"‘Reality Is A Lie’ is still unashamedly old school and sure to excite fans of Teutonic speed metal. With ragers like ‘Fight For Your Life’ recalling the glory days of ‘Kill ‘Em All’, there’s more than enough unpretentious speed metal here to satiate even the most demanding bangers!" – Terrorizer UK

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Ricky Wagner: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Bastian Santen: Drums & Background Vocals
Heiko Musolf: Lead Guitar & Background Vocals
Bjarne Otto: Bass & Background Vocals


By releasing their most diverse record yet in February 2019, REZET make good on a promise they gave with the 2017 EP You Asked For It – not only with respect to the title Deal With It. With their fourth studio album, the hottest current band coming from Germany’s chilly north goes way beyond conventional thrash metal, where they have been pigeon-holed so far, in part justly so. However, Ricky Wagner and cohorts did not follow an “escape plan” during song writing. “Of course, you always ponder the music you create to a degree and set certain goals for yourself”, the front man concedes, „but the final result tends to sound differently from what you imagined anyway. With hindsight though, I can always tell what we did without effort and what was strained. In time, you learn that the best songs come about spontaneously.”

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